Record-Breaking Efficiency

With the highly efficient, advanced J-Series gas turbines, MHPS raised the bar for combined cycle performance. The J-Series gas turbine was the first commercially available gas turbine capable of sustained operation at turbine inlet temperatures of 1600°C, and set a new high level of Combined Cycle efficiency. The design is based on the proven G-Series gas turbines, with enhancements to the compressor, cooling technologies and turbine aerodynamics. The first J-Series gas turbine began operation in 2011, undergoing long term validation at MHPS’ Takasago combined cycle power plant (“T-point”).

Featuring improved 3D compressor blades, advanced combustor cooling and state-of-the-art thermal barrier coatings, the J-Series turbine realizes the promise of advanced gas turbine innovations – delivering record breaking combined-cycle efficiencies with low NOx emissions. This efficient use of fossil fuel at low NOx and low CO2 emissions levels makes the J-Series combined cycle plant one of the most environmentally friendly power generation options available.


Combustor Options


The M501J also successfully applies steam-cooling of stationary combustor components, based on the proven M501G steam cooled technology. With a turbine inlet temperature of 1600 °C, this unit achieved trend setting combined cycle efficiencies of approximately 61.5%LHV when it was introduced in 2011.  It is now capable of 62.0%



Similar to the proven M501GAC combustion system, the M501JAC combustor applies air cooled stationary combustor components as an enhancement in order to provide more flexibility, faster start-up, lower emissions and higher efficiency.  The M501JAC can achieve a record breaking efficiency, greater than 64% in combined cycle.

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