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Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems firing systems and components cover a practically unlimited range of gaseous, liquid and solid fuels. The DS® Burner is developed and optimized for a variety of pulverized fuels. As a designer and manufacturer of original parts, we are an ideal partner for modernization and retrofit projects. Depending on fuel property, emission standards, and gas recycling, we provide the optimum firing systems for pulverized coals. The DS® Burner, our new generation burner, is distinguished by minimum emissions and maximum flexibility in fuel types and operating load ranges.


DS® Burner Design Features

  • Developed in early 90’s and continuously improved through in-house testing facilities, CFD, and extensive field operating experience with more than 1100 units installed worldwide
  • Straightforward design concept with minimum modifications on existing burner configurations
  • Flexibility for all fuels types including PRB, bituminous, lignite, and biomass
  • High turn-down ratio with a range of 1: 4 and excellent flame stability
  • Superior low NOx emission performance from the interaction of adjustable swirl vanes and the flame stabilization ring
  • Advanced coal nozzle design with new material for high reliability and long service life


Superior Load Flexibility

  • Excellent flame attachment and stability within a wide load range


Excellent Fuel Flexibility

  • DS® Burners are available for thermal capacities from 20 to 100 MWth for a variety of solid fuels:

CFD Modeling

In parallel with CFD modeling by Ansys-Fluent, Hitachi developed its own Combustion Simulation Model (FANAL = Firing Analysis) with flexible modeling features which allow design changes to be made and quickly verified.

Burner Development, NOx Emission

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