Injured In A Rollover Accident In Scottsdale? We Can Help

Rollover accidents are extremely dangerous, and lead to an unbelievable amount of death and destruction on American highways each year. Many of these terrible collisions are completely avoidable, and are due solely to defective and unreasonably dangerous vehicle design.

The attorneys at Steve German, A Law Firm, a Scottsdale product liability law firm, have extensive experience in handling rollover accident cases from start through trial. We have formed alliances with the very best attorneys and experts in the nation to make sure that our clients receive representation that only those with extensive experience can provide.

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Steve German has worked on rollover and tread-separation cases for more than a decade, including when the Ford/Firestone debacle first made national headlines. Our firm has helped resolve rollover and other product liability cases for amounts ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to over $10 million. We routinely work on cases from start to finish in Arizona, as well as in surrounding states and across the country.

Contact us to discuss an injury or death caused by a rollover. Email us or call one of our product liability attorneys at Steve German, A Law Firm, at 480-607-9166 to schedule your free initial consultation. All personal injury claims are handled on a contingency basis, which means you pay nothing unless you win.

Timing is critical following a tragic accident. It is imperative to seek immediate assistance in order to preserve evidence, including the vehicle, tires and treads.