Your Insurance Company May Be Watching You

If you filed your disability claim and feel like you are being watched, the chances are you are not being paranoid. Insurance companies waste no time hiring surveillance. You should waste no time hiring an attorney to protect your rights, whether your claim was filed or you are in the process of making a claim.

At Steve German, our attorneys have the experience in litigating disability cases to assert your claim without being intimated by the other side's dubious tactics.

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Be Aware Of Possible Surveillance

Disability insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars in premiums they collect from their insureds by hiring investigators and surveillance companies to take photos and video of you pulling your trash can to the street, walking your dog in the park, bending down to get the morning newspaper, hugging your grandchild and everything in between. Your insurance company uses the secretly captured video and photos to claim you are not disabled; if you can hold your grandchild, bend to get the paper or carry a bag of groceries, then you can work.

Disability insurance companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars in premiums collected from insureds searching for ways to avoid paying legitimate claims. Millions are spent on private investigators, surveillance companies, field representatives, forensic accountants and medical "experts." Many insurance companies have doctors on staff or simply use the same doctor(s) over and over knowing they will conclude you are not disabled, in order to justify a claim denial.

Be Careful On Social Media

Disability insurance companies spend millions sifting through social media, online data and other digital information. They fish for anything they can find online to deny your claim. Think twice before you post about family get-togethers, vacations, outdoor activities or about your weekend activities. They will comb through Facebook, LinkedIn and every online service imaginable looking for things that others might perceive inconsistent with your claim. The disability insurance company may hire people to interview former employees and co-workers, and can make what is often a very private situation known to others as a result. The hope is you will drop your claim.

Don't Give Up — Assert Your Claim

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