Assisting With Own Occupation Disability Insurance Claims

Own occupation (own occ) disability insurance covers a professional's specialty occupation — the occupational skills that make him or her unique. These types of insurance policies are individual income disability policies and are typically bought from an agent or directly from an insurance company, but are usually not part of a group benefit plan.

If you are a professional specialist in your field, you get injured and have an own occupation disability policy, insurance companies will commonly concede that you are injured, but will do the math on the average recovery time and say that you are entitled to benefits only for the time they specify.

If you find yourself in a situation where your long-term disability claim has been (or may be) denied and your income stream is in jeopardy, it's important to reach out to an experienced and trusted attorney to help you keep receiving benefits. At Steve German, A Law Firm, we encourage you to give us a call today at 480-607-9166 to discuss your specific situation. Based in Scottsdale, we serve clients throughout Arizona and across the country.

Doctor Disability Insurance Disputes

Own occupation coverage is different from an any occupation disability insurance policy which specifies that in order to qualify for benefits, a professional must demonstrate an inability to do any occupation for which he or she is qualified by training, education or experience. As such, they are considerably more valuable.

At Steve German, A Law Firm, we've represented hundreds of medical, financial, legal and other professionals with private disability insurance policies and secured tens of millions of dollars on their behalf. We are not a high-volume practice — we concentrate on fewer cases so we can give each the attention it needs. We meet with clients who have own occ coverage as soon as possible in these cases and quickly and efficiently work to secure benefits. It is our commitment to develop a relationship, and to take the time to understand your lifestyle, needs and the nature of your practice.

From there, we can work on any issue regarding refusal to pay a valid claim.

To discuss any own occupation disability insurance issue in a free initial consultation with a lawyer, call 480-607-9166 or send us an email.