How To Get Paid For Your Long Term Disability Claim

When it comes to securing a disability payment, it's critical to:

  • Undertake an early and thorough evaluation of your policy
  • Understand the nature and gravity of your injury/illness
  • Demonstrate how it will impact your work performance in the short and long term

Often, doctors will be part of a group insurance policy, and will not realize that they have their own policy and not even attempt to obtain payment. When filing a claim, it's important to understand every policy you carry.

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Filing A Disability Claim In Arizona

Once you've obtained all your LTD insurance information, you have to thoroughly understand your rights and obligations. Some policies require that injury notice be given within a certain period of time. You have to cooperate, be diligent and above all truthful with the insurance company at all times. Any fabrication, lie or exaggeration can jeopardize an otherwise valid claim. Although an insurance policy is meant to bring you peace of mind, the company has no incentive to pay and is not on your side.

Adjusters are trained to interact with insured parties to make them feel comfortable and open. While they may sound nurturing and caring, their goal is to deny your claim. The more caring the adjuster is, the more careful you need to be when presenting your claim. They will do whatever they can to deny the claim, limit your benefits or finagle the process to your disadvantage.

Particularly with own occ policies, insurance companies will often state that a professional claimant's occupation is something other than it really is. If an orthodontist's specialty is twisting wires in mouths, an insurance company may say that he or she makes too much income for such a profession and insist he or she is in fact a business owner. Or they may claim a dual occupation.

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