Helping Victims Of Errors Leading To Fetal Distress

As with eclampsia, there are many protocols that the hospital staff must follow to ensure that a baby is doing well during labor and delivery. There are several monitors set up for the baby, and it is critical to pay attention to danger and/or warning signs because there are some things the staff needs to look at to recognize that the baby might be in distress. When doctors step in, they can often prevent damage.

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When a mother goes into labor, the unborn baby is carefully monitored. The monitors will allow the doctors and nurses to know if/when the baby is in distress and not getting enough oxygen. There will be an abnormal pattern on the monitor showing that the baby needs help.

At this point, a doctor can perform an emergency C-section, or use other methods to ensure safety. This comes down to hypervigilant attention and foresight.

When babies and mothers are not properly attended, serious and long-term physical and psychological injuries can be sustained, including quadriplegia and retardation.

If your child may have suffered fetal distress at birth, you need to understand why. If there is a failure to recognize fetal distress, it's important that medical professionals are held accountable and you are compensated, so you can take care of your family economically.

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We are committed to bringing our comprehensive experience in medical malpractice cases to investigate any circumstance that may have led to fetal distress. We know there's nothing that can undo the damage done in these cases, but we are committed to bringing a compassionate approach to bolster medical accountability and help families economically when these tragic events occur. We encourage you to reach out.

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