Surgical Objects Left In The Body After Surgery

The exact number is unknown, but according to Science Daily and Annals of Surgery, surgical objects are left behind in the body once in every 5,000 surgeries, on an average. Some studies have shown incidences of one in 1,000 surgeries. Many figures account for at least 1,500 people annually.

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Retained objects often include towels, tubes, instruments, sharp objects, wires and sponges and can cause pain, infection, abscess, fistula and/or intestinal obstruction and in some cases can even prove fatal. Sharp objects can slice internal flesh and puncture organs causing internal bleeding.

More and more precautions are being taken to ensure that equipment is properly accounted for before ending a procedure, including timeouts to ensure proper marking prior to operation and bar codes to account for instruments. Still, many of these precautions are sidestepped, and when this happens disaster can strike.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury due to a surgical mistake — before, during or after surgery — or another form of medical negligence, it's important that you are compensated.

Phoenix Foreign Objects In Body Attorney

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