When A Trip To The Emergency Room Makes Things Worse

When you go to the emergency room, you expect immediate care from experienced professionals. You expect emergency room physicians and nurses to be alert and respond quickly to any injury or illness that comes in the door. You expect them to diagnose your injuries and stabilize them. You also expect hospitals to keep the emergency room adequately staffed and maintain procedures that protect each patient.

When emergency rooms don't meet these expectations, serious injury can result.

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Understanding Common Emergency Room Errors

Failure to refer to the patient's medical history. Misread X-rays. Failure to order or run the proper tests. Misdiagnosis of a stroke, heart attack or infection. Failure to respond quickly to conditions in the ER. Medication errors/prescribing the wrong medication. These are only a few of the many preventable errors that can happen in the emergency room.

All medical professionals must follow rules and meet the standards of care required by their profession. When they breach that standard of care, serious injuries and even a wrongful death can occur.

Our emergency room malpractice attorneys will listen to your story and thoroughly investigate your case. We have medical experts at our disposal who can testify to the standard of care that the ER physician or other medical professional should have followed.

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