Helping Newborns With Group B+ Strep When Negligence Is Involved

Group B+ strep infection is a severe bacterial infection in the bloodstream that may travel to different organs and affect newborn infants.

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While it is commonly found in adults and older children and does not usually cause infection, there are two ways in which it may be contracted in a newborn:

  • If the newborn is infected as he or she passes through the birth canal, they can become ill within a week and most usually within the first 24 hours (called "early-onset" GBS).
  • If the infant comes into contact with people who carry the germ, he or she can also become infected and the symptoms will appear later (between seven days and three months later).

It is possible to assess risk factors for GBS septicemia, and during labor women are given antibiotics through a vein. It can be found through blood samples in sick newborns and treated through antibiotics, respiratory support, fluids, reverse shock and blood clotting medicines or oxygen therapy.

Failure to treat the disease can result in septic shock, blindness, meningitis and severe brain injuries. If your baby has been injured due to medical negligence, we can help.

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As lawyers, we bring a deep compassion to these types of cases. We have a deep understanding of the emotion that accompanies these tragedies and are committed to bringing our comprehensive knowledge and experience to do whatever is possible to recover compensation for you and your family. We know that nothing can truly bring back the trust in the medical community or reverse the tragedy if a family member has been injured, but we are dedicated to doing whatever is possible to try to compensate you and help you deal with the damages financially.

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